Libya: British forces rescue 150 civilians from desert

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Libya: British forces rescue 150 civilians from desert

Post by Strawberry on Sat Feb 26, 2011 12:31 pm

One hundred and fifty civilians have been rescued by British forces from the Libyan desert south of Benghazi.

Two RAF Hercules aircraft were involved in the operation, which involved the SAS and forces from Special Boat Service.

Both planes have landed in Malta, the Ministry of Defence confirmed, while HMS Cumberland is on her way back to Benghazi to evacuate anyone else left in the chaos-stricken country.

Britain has also evacuated its diplomatic staff and suspended the operations of the British embassy in Tripoli.

Workers departed on the last Government-chartered flight, which took off for Gatwick carrying 53 British nationals on Saturday afternoon.

Liam Fox, the defence secretary, said: "I can confirm that two RAF C130 Hercules aircraft have evacuated around 150 civilians from desert locations south of Benghazi.

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