Growing up under Gaddafi's revolution and the potential for urprising

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Growing up under Gaddafi's revolution and the potential for urprising

Post by Lurker on Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:29 am

The following text was translated from an op-ed, written in Arabic and published widely throughout the internet, by a young Libyan, Muhammed Suhaim, who addresses Muammar Gaddafi directly. To read the original version in Arabic, click here.

The translator has decided to keep the word ‘Thawra,’ which in Arabic means uprising, revolt or revolution, in its transliterated form when referring specifically to Gaddafi’s revolution that began in 1969 and to distinguish it from recent demands for uprising.


Raes Lbled*

I am from a generation that has been denied our due of education and our fill of milk and oil and tomatoes and eggs as a result of the Thawra…because I was born in a period in which the Thawra was worshipped, and everything else ignored. No one was permitted to request anything of the State. They could not even think to make half a request, for those who direct the Thawra cared to protect it more than they cared for the Libyan people and more than they cared to respond to any civil or legal requests or more than they even cared about people’s stomachs or about their need to clothe themselves and protect their dignity. All these things were considered attacks on the Thawra. We have been forced to spoil** this Thawra rotten, until its eternal ‘coming of age’ is complete.

Hunger itself became an accusation [against the Thawra], as did illness and poverty, except for when the afflicted remained silent and expressed complete loyalty and obedience to the Thawra and its codes of conduct. The wisdom being that whoever had the tiniest sliver of the Thawra needed nothing else but bread and water.

Children’s programs were described as ‘Thawri’ (adjective form of Thawra)…the news was ‘Thawri’ …commercial ads ‘Thawri’…the Imam of the mosque was ‘Thawri’…the teacher was ‘Thawri’…the principal was ‘Thawri’…the sanitation worker was ‘Thawri’…the farms, ‘Thawri’…the shepherd in the pasture, ‘Thawri’…the cows and the sheep, ‘Thawri’…the bulls ‘Thawri.’ If you pronounced two words without modifying one of them with the word ‘Thawra,’ your speech was invalid.

In the year that I began attending school (1987), I did not need the Thawra as much as I needed a book bag. In that period, the Thawra had reached the apex of its mischievousness, so I substituted a pillow case for a book bag so that I would not disturb the bliss of our great Thawra.

Those who despised the conditions brought upon by the Thawra wondered when this continuous state of upheaval would end. After all, life is normally organized and protected by the laws of the state. Revolt, when it occurs, is an active moment, not a postpartum state that lasts 40 nights*** or 40 years. I still cannot believe the price that I have paid for this innocent question, and the heavy price that thousands of Libyans have paid for courageously challenging the Thawra.

You can read the Rest here:


There are unconfirmed tweeets, that the authos&blogger Suhaim has been detained.


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