Anonymous release several binaries of Stuxnet !

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Anonymous release several binaries of Stuxnet !

Post by Lurker on Tue Feb 15, 2011 1:59 pm

Anonymous Hackers Release Stuxnet Worm Online

The group of anonymous "hacktivists" that made headlines for online cyberattacks in December just released a bombshell online: a decrypted version of the same cyberworm that crippled Iran's nuclear power program.

The ones and zeroes that make up the code called the Stuxnet worm -- described as the most sophisticated cyberweapon ever created -- were reportedly found when the faceless group hacked into the computers of HBGary, a U.S. security company that the anonymous collective viewed as an enemy. And the security experts spoke with said the leaked code was serious cause for concern.

"There is the real potential that others will build on what is being released," Michael Gregg, chief operating officer of cybersecurity firm Superior Solutions, told Gregg was quick to clarify that the group hasn't released the Stuxnet worm itself, but rather a decrypted version of it HBGary had been studying -- which could act almost like a building block for cybercrooks

"Now that pieces of that code become available, it's not a far step to others developing their own attack kits, Gregg told "Just because they don’t have malicious intent with it doesn't mean others wouldn't."

This won't lead to an immediate threat. But it could lead to something soon, Gregg said.

"Weeks wouldn't surprise me."

Full Article here:

other article:,anonymous-empire-strikes-back-against-hbgary.aspx

keep in mind:

To clarify: There are several #Stuxnet binaries in the #HBGary mails. No original source. Only disassembled binaries are public so far.

decompiled parts to be found through this twitter page:


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