HBGary may have stolen the concept of their flagship product "Digital DNA"

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HBGary may have stolen the concept of their flagship product "Digital DNA"

Post by Lurker on Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:27 am

just found this:

The True Origins Of Malware DNA

I would like to call the worlds attention to the fact that HBGary, as I thought originally completely RIPPED my concept of Malware DNA as I succinctly described it to them in great detail after I initiated discussions with them about working for them in a reverse engineering capacity back in September of 2008.

Here are my prior posting on the concept of Malware DNA

For background, I was working on a grand concept idea of Malware DNA and had constructed designed documents and concepts in a good amount of detail back in Sept of 2008.

The .PPT Briefing I put together to capture my ideas and work are Metadata dated on 9/10/2008 at 10:54 AM after multiple revisions that week. I also have time stamped email as well considering I emailed myself my work regularly.

If your memory is shoddy, here is your email. The world now has it.   I would highly consider contacting me for a monetary settlement since you thought so little of me that you would rip my work and not even give me a credit.

Full here:


as of now - he only provides circumstantial evidence... but could be interesting development if it holds true Very Happy

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