The Shipwrecked Women Journalists

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The Shipwrecked Women Journalists

Post by goodmockingbird on Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:59 am

A multinational European force was sailing on huge ship to bring relief supplies to a farflung Pacific Island. Aboard were a thousand sailors -- all men -- and three women journalists.

In a typhoon, the ship lost all of its communications, and shipwrecked upon a tiny island far off its course.

The captain surveyed the situation, and called the three women to his cabin.

"We have a dire situation here, and I am going to ask all three of you to make a heroic sacrifice. There is no telling when we may be rescued. We have water and food, and the crew are building shelters. We could be here for months, even years."

He continued: "I am a practical man, and the wellbeing of my sailors is my highest concern. To maintain their health and morale, and am going to ask each of you to offer sex freely to every one of them, day and night."

The Englishwoman squared her shoulders: "I shall think of Queen and country, and I consider this sacrifice no different from that of a soldier in battle. I shall do my duty."

The German woman lifted her chin: "I was raised upon a farm, and am no prude. For the sake of their health I will perform this duty for our men."

The Frenchwoman shrugged: "I understand the situation, but what is the problem?"

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