Janey's Journalists - Your Chance To Get Involved

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Janey's Journalists - Your Chance To Get Involved

Post by Janey on Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:44 am

We know that many of you want to share your news with others and have a particular area of interest. We are proud to roll out the Janey's Journalist program. Anyone with an interest, the time and motivation to manage a news area are now welcome to do so, becoming a "Janey Journalist"

The core team, will monitor the area for accuracy (so don't worry, the news will be corroborated!) I will also provide you with briefing packages at regular intervals from the wires to help you get your area up and running.

Anyone interested in being a JJ and moderating their own area of news and views please PM me!

If approved you will be given your own area to manage. All we ask is that news is unbiased, confirmed (unless it is stated otherwise) and reflects true events. To ensure the integrity of news on the site, myself and the mods will help you to ensure that this is the case.

It will be your responsibility to post news in your specific interest area and moderate discussions on user posts within your interest area.

So if you fancy being a journalist reporting in your own area of interest, send me a PM for consideration! You will even get the custom JJ avatar reserved for JJ team members!


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