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Post by Anka on Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:26 am

Off-topic for this forum, but it DOES pertain to present news, the Egyptian Rebellion.

Written by me, Lorae Ireland, in 1991:
Whatever is going on there, it has, it does have to do with the middle East. And I don't mean Israel. Israel is going to be gone. The final conflagration will center around the Great Pyramid. Israel will disappear. The Jews there now are not the chosen people of old. They have lost their light. They're not the Jews I knew when I lived with Issa. They've lost their light. And they're not the same. And they will simply be gone. They're, there's too many lizards there. And they call themselves the chosen people, and they're just lizards. They're just masquerading. So Israel will be gone. Many of the Arab people are also lizards, they're not the old, not my children, that I had. There were light beings, once. (Whispers) I don't know where you've gone now.

Israel will be just gone. Politically just disappeared. Just gone. They were given a sacred spot in the earth, and they let the lizards take over, as it's almost all lizards there now, and politically, it will just disappear. Soon. Sooner than we can imagine. Just as we saw the Soviets just disappear so fast. And we had no idea how fast it could happen, and that happened politically. It will happen that way. And, what happened with the Soviets: Even they were taken by surprise. It did not happen from the people, or from the elites, or from anyone. The, uh, the star people came in there and just made that happen. And such will happen to the United States also. It, also, is going to break up into five sections. And this needs to happen soon. And it will just happen, almost, as we will say, out of the blue. The political breaking up will happen soon.

The geological parts will be mostly on the western coast with the volcanoes and the earthquakes, which we all expect, anyway. That will have nothing to do with the political breaking up. The political breaking up has simply got to happen. And it's starting to, people are already asking for it to happen, so it will just come out just like it happen with the Soviets, out of the blue. Ah, we've got almost all lizards in high places in government now, and they're not going to be allowed to continue with this, because they intend to kill us all. Our forests, if our forests of the world go, the Earth will die, and we with it. And it's not going to be allowed to happen. It's not going to be allowed to happen. The lizards are not going to be allowed to do this, even though they seem to be all-powerful at this moment.

[I'd been told that Earth would be preserved. Unfortunately, nothing about the fate of humans here... - L.]

There will be a breaking up, and South America, will become not more broken up, but more one, politically. There's something spiritual, a spiritual force in South America [Brazil] and in Mongolia. Places that are not important to us now, that will be lights for the world to comeā€¦

And while we're doing woo woo:

Uranus in Aries is idealistic revolution, conjunct Jupiter means that good-will
and optimism are the operative words.

Our would-be rulers know all this. I would assume that they're rather worried.
What they might try to do is use this "revolution" as an excuse for a
clamp-down. But Aries energy is TREMONDOUS, very fiery. Uranus/Jupiter
symbolizes utopian ideals. A clamp-down might backfire...

I meant to write about Pluto, which is in Capricorn, now square Uranus/Jupiter
in Aries. Pluto in Capricorn creates enormous change, sometimes appearing to be
destructive. Politically and Economically, Capricorn represents the old
established order, tradition, etc. Pluto destroys that which is rotten, no
longer needed, of poor foundation, etc.

Pluto governs our unconscious, including the collective unconscious.

Pluto symbolizes revelations, violent change, off with the old, or the death of
the old, and the re-birthing of the new. It can also be said that Pluto is the
symbol of atomic destruction, but we're not going there... Pluto in Capricorn
should produce all kinds of unveiling, from environmental abuses to financial
shenanigans. Pluto/Scorpio is the subconscious, the hidden mysteries, the strong
violent undercurrents of our collective and individual psyches.

And what does Pluto have to do with the sign/constellation of Ophiukus? It just
moved through it, now moving into Capricornus. Pluto is SLOW. "The wheels of the
gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine."

Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, signifies the hidden, finance and sexuality at the most
basic level. There are three levels to Scorpio: scorpion, the lowest expression
of that sign, the snake (think of the healer here) in the middle, then the
highest, the soaring Eagle who sees all and cares for all. Hence this Ophiuckus
gateway is the Time of the Eagle, the final act of the play called the Kali
Yuga, but also the doorway to the coming age.

Capricorn also is associated with the Earth, ecology, conservation, etc.
Saturn, which rules Capricorn, is in Libra, the sign of law and equilibrium.
Saturn is "exhalted in Libra", that is, it has a strong effect while in that
sign. It's weakly opposite Pluto (thank god, or we'd probably be having
volcanic eruptions all over the place), forming a now-weak grand square with
Uranus/Jupiter and Pluto.

Uranus/Jupiter in Aries: High-minded and hopeful revolutionary forces of great
energy (think lightning bolts) squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto destroys that
which no longer serves, to be replaced with the new.

Keep in mind that squares, by their nature, lead to possible accommodations and
solutions, whereas oppositions are hard, all-out confrontation and destruction.

Mars in Aquarius is sextile the Uranus/Jupiter conjunction, so this adds
positive fiery male energy of an Aquarian nature.

Aries is ruled by Mars, Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. See the amazing
synchonicity here?

Back to Pluto: So Plutonian energies of disruption are square Uranus and

This is world-wide, but especially affects the United States because Pluto is
back where it was on July 4, 1776. It's called a "Pluto Return". Plutonian
energies (violent change) will be affecting the U.S. for about fifteen years.



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Post by Anka on Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:42 am

The Egyptian Drama; A Different Perspective......Friday, February 4, 2011 9:48 PMFrom: This sender is "Al Gray" To: "Lorae Ireland"

We've all been watching the drama in Egypt, and we've read all sorts of opinion pieces written by those who position themselves as unofficial explainers. No matter where you look on the political spectrum you will find someone, or several someones, with knowledge and insight on how things are and what this means for the future. They, all of them, say just what is expected of them. From the far, far left to the far, far right, what they have said is very predictable.

Let's you and I step back and take a broad overview. The manufactured celebrity writers are bound by the limits of their Reality Box. Maybe there's more here than meets the eye.

The left and the right all factor in Israel's response to the drama, and speculate on the effect it has or will have on Israel. As if! As if the effect on Israel was the center of the universe and all the other states in the Middle East were to be regarded as secondary players. There has been much more said about the effect on Israel than has been said about the effect on Egypt. Sad, but true. And that's why you and I are going to take a look from a different perspective. All the writers and newscasters have focused on the current situation. What is the First Cause? Why Egypt, and why now?

Spontaneous uprising? When it is over it may be sold as such. But odds are that it was not. Even the American Revolution was not a "spontaneous uprising" and for sure the majority of the people did not participate in it. You see a revolution anywhere in the world, first thought is the CIA. Even here in America, with the coup d'etat in 1963, it was the CIA. So let's go with that one.

The CIA is the action arm. But who gave the order? That we may never know, but we can maybe understand the "why" of it if we step into the Wayback Machine and look at Israel. Israel, and the Egyptian drama's effect on Israel, is the subject of much discussion and speculation. That's a clue.

I read many years ago that Israel was set up to fall. Not fail. Fall. As in be taken down. The Zionists who created the state, the top of the Zionist food chain, they weren't really sympathetic to the jewish people at all. They had a larger objective; world domination. Israel had a part to play in their scheme. Took 'em two world wars, but they got it done. And so it was that ever since Harry Truman recognized Israel as a state, the US has supported and protected them. We all know of the jewish influence on affairs American, so we don't need to review that subject.

So the money flowed to Israel and some of it came back to the states in the form of influence purchased. The arms dealers made tons of money selling weapons to terrified Arab states. It was a great system for lobbyists, Israel, the oil companies, and the arms manufacturers. Worked just fine right up until the day that it wouldn't work any more.

Peek out the window of the Wayback Machine and you'll see Israel demanding that we bomb Iran. This was five or so years ago. Either George W. wouldn't or was not allowed to, but either way, it didn't happen. We can review the practical reasons for that later.

Fast forward the Wayback Machine to the Gaza massacre. It stunned the world. And the attack on the relief vessels pulled Israel's image way, way, down. They had finally gone too far. The world had had enough.

Fast forward the Wayback Machine again, and we're at June of 2009. The Bilderbergers had a meeting. In Israel! This is what I wrote about it back then:

"There will be a Bilderberger meeting on the 12th. In Israel. In Mafia parlance, it's the Commission. And they're coming to the local Godfather's home base to get the message across. The message?

The party's over, Israel. Sit down. Shut up. Take orders."

They almost did. Netanyahu even went so far as to endorse a Palestinian state and a pull-back to pre-1967 borders.

He just couldn't bring himself to pull it off. It's been nearly two years now, and Israel has not done as they were told.

Follow me so far? One more thing to know. Zbigniew B. has never been a supporter of Israel. He has always worked to put the US at war with Russia. For some reason he hates Russia. Zbig is Big O's advisor. 'Nuff said.

If it is as I once read that Israel was created to be destroyed, then perhaps someone has decided that the time has come for that to happen. Israel's stature among nations of the world has taken a beating last two or three years. Russia has endorsed a Palestinian state. Venezuela has already recognized it as one. There have been other setbacks.

There is no doubt that Mubarak is president because the CIA made it happen. Mubarak has kept Egypt at peace with Israel for all these years. The US has no doubt paid a helluva price for that, and so has the rest of the Middle East. With a new regime in Egypt, the whole Middle East political situation may change. Israel will be politically isolated.

The original Zionist plan was probably for Israel to be destroyed by war. That plan was laid long ago. No one back then dreamed of missiles that would make surface ships obsolete. No one back then dreamed that the world would be going through a transformation, an uptick in vibration, that would make war as we've always known it obsolete.

My over-the-event-horizon radar says that this is the beginning of the end of Israel's influence in world affairs. A Palestinian state is coming. The Arab people will have a voice in their own affairs. The end of brutal dictatorships that keep the population suppressed so as to prevent a revolt against Israel? Looks that way to me. I don't see an Arab war against Israel. I do see Israel falling apart from internal stress once the US cuts their life support. Maybe the Israeli people will do what the Tunisian people did, and the Egyptian people are now doing. Maybe they'll get rid of their corrupt leaders, too. Won't happen this week, but it's a definite maybe.

To summarize, the Commission came down hard on the Godfather. The Godfather told 'em where to stuff it. You don't mess with the Commission. So now the ComCommission, known in polite society as the Bilderbergers, has decided that Israel is a drag on finance and execution of policy. Israel is being taken down, and it looks Oh! so natural.

That's the way I see it from here. I'm not passing this along with the pretension that it is anything more than the product of a mind free to roam.

Comments? Questions? Open for discussion.



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Post by Janey on Wed Feb 09, 2011 1:05 pm

just one quick thing before I read through it all, you referred to it being offtopic. Just a reminder the watercooler is for ANYTHING that you want to discuss on any topic


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Post by Strawberry on Tue Feb 15, 2011 10:27 am

I havent read it right through and just skimmed but there are a few that say the protests are part of a social engineering agenda, planned and brought about by Soros.

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